Bored with your breakfast every day? Ease your mind, because we’ve got you covered! With the all-new invented Toasteroid product you can now make your breakfast more fun and interesting especially if you are serving them for your kids. Why suffer from having a plain toast when you can have better? When you can dress it up with customized designs?

James is a smart creator of Toasteroid. He is also responsible for the creation of several useful products utilized in many households. You’d be surprised at the number of his inventions that have already made into the market today. His products are continuously being patronized not only because they are helpful but also they are fun to use. They bring a fun twist to doing the usual household chores.


His own workshop was located in his garage. Ever since he had a custom garage door in Tempe installed, he already claimed this place as an additional living area in his home. This is not surprising since his garage door provides the right amount of protection against heat and cold, making the temperature in the garage comfortable for anyone who seeks refuge there. If you are looking for the same garage door or the best garage door installers then we encourage you to call the same provider James had, your local garage door Tempe.

Perhaps one of the biggest product James invented so far is the Toasteroid which was launched last two months ago. The product is an app-controlled toaster where you can download easily on your mobile devices available on Google and Apple Store. To use the Toasteroid, simply put the slices of bread into it, open the asteroid app, connect via Bluetooth, and choose the design you want your bread to have. In this case, you can either choose a pre-made graphic design from the app itself and or create your own by doodling it down at the blank provided in the app. When you are done, just enter the designs and the toasteroid will do the rest. With this wonderful product, you can also leave a note to your children which they can bring with them and a sweet message to your spouse to inspire him at the start of his say.

breakfast aficionado, Toasteroid is the best appliances for you

If you are a breakfast aficionado, Toasteroid is the best appliances for you. Although the product is made to create fun and playful mornings, the taste and crispiness of the toast will be as good as another regular toaster. So you don’t have to worry about it. Expect that every slice of bread would get a perfect crispiness on the outside and softness on the inside. You can also adjust the heat for the type of toast you want to achieve. The toasteroid app, on the other hand, has several features you can enjoy. This is needed to be downloaded in order to work the toasteroid product. There’s a weather news here where you can check the status of the weather daily. Also, there are several games installed where you can play anywhere you go and anytime you want. This is an app for that can be enjoyed by the whole family but especially your kids.

Interested to buy Toasteroid? Fill up the order form and send it to us immediately. We guaranteed the quality of our product for the lowest price. Stop complaining about your dull and plain toast. Be more playful with Toasteroid and have a fun morning experience!