About Us

The Creator

Hello! Toasteroid is a newly invented product by James that is being offered to everyone. This is not his only invention nor the first. He has several invented products already but not all of this are open for public use. He is a great inventor of this generation – a young and active artist that can do almost everything that has to do with electronics and science.

When James was young, his parents found out that he has skills and talent in creating new devices. They supported what James was doing and even enrolled him in programs that aimed to enhance his abilities. Now, James is already a grown up with so much talent, knowledge, and skills that he can be proud of.

The Toasteroid

The project toasteroid was invented in 2014. It underwent a series of testing to ensure its quality before being offered to the public. Toasteroid is a toaster, but not the typical toaster you can find in the market or in most kitchens in every household. It has a special feature that works with your smartphones. Yes! By using your smartphone that is in sync with your toasteroid you can print different images or messages you want on your toast bread.

The Toasteroid App

Toasteroid app can work in Android phone and iOS and is available to download both Google and Apple Store. Using this app you can print all you want in your bread by just simply choosing an image readily available in the app. There is also an option for you to create your own designs and messages for your toast bread in the app. Just create them at the blank provided and press enter.

The Mission

Our mission is not just to earn money but to benefit the organization we are helping. We also aim help consumers and make your daily life easier and more fun. With the busy days, people often don’t have much time in their personal lives to spend eating breakfast with their families. That’s why we created a product that will allow you to show that you still care. Part of the sales will go to our recipient foundation that is helping homeless children get the love and care they deserve. We are also raising funds to be able to continue improving this product and to create more great projects in the future.